Anicia & Lisa

In 2006, Anicia had a vision to have her own salon. She and an art-loving friend decided to create a studio, infusing art from local artist as well as her own artistic creations with hair and beauty. Faux Real Art and Design was born.

In 2007, the art director was called to move out of town, and Anicia was graced by another talented stylist, Lisa, which made Faux Real Hair Design Studio come to life.

In October of 2010, Anicia and Lisa desired bigger and better. They moved the studio from 19th and Upland to 13th and Slide Road, in the Redbud shopping center, believing that if they built it, the stylist would come. And they did.

Anicia and Lisa have a team of 10 fantastic cosmetologist and barbers. There isn’t anything that can walk through their doors that they can’t do with hair.

The versatility of talent that permeates the studio and attracts a clientele from every walk of life.

Anicia and Lisa are so very proud of all their staff and all the achievements they have been blessed with. They know that without their faithful clients, they wouldn’t be who they are today.